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Mississippi John Doude's lastest album “7 Tales of Sorrow”

Released in 2015,  7 Tales of Sorrow represents a collection of Doude's best and most epic story-telling songs, with a return to the classic outlaw country style of artists like Marty Robbins and Johnny Cash. This album showcases Doude's voracious lyricism, and is also decorated by a collection of world-class performers. Doude also exhibits his own musical prowess by performing vocals, guitar, dobro, banjo, mandolin, and organ on this album. His naturally bluesy style gives the album's traditional folk instrumentation a unique flavor, and he delivers his tales with a fiery passion. A songwriter's songwriter, Doude has created an album that is designed to be timeless. 

Some of these songs, such as “Bacon”, have already achieved an almost cult-like popularity among Doude's fans in several different cities and states. “Donner's Pass” chronicles a true tale of gothic Americana folklore, and is recorded to sound like music from the old west. Others songs, like “Tylertown”, are original fictional stories that paint symbolic portraits of small town desperation with little more than stripped down acoustic guitar, and heartfelt vocal delivery. Skillfully evoked over a rich pallet of Americana musical flavor, these 7 tales of sorrow conjure images of small town despair, epic historical struggles for survival, and tragically ironic twists of fate, with music that hearkens to a bygone era.

Mississippi John Doude is a singer-songwriter who often performs as a one-man-band.    Most commonly recognized for his dobro playing, and signature story songs, MJD is rapidly becoming an underground folk icon.  MJD's music personifies the attitude and sound of both the modern punk blues and outlaw country movements, but neither could come close to describing his unique sound.  Delivering a style of swamp-rock that could only come from a place called McCool, MS, John’s stripped down roots music leads to the forgotten bottoms and hollers where American music began. 

With a sound that’s as swampy as snake oil, yet as gritty as the cloud of dust over a dry dirt road, MJD’s sweaty blues riffs create a juke joint trance that’s infectiously nasty.  At shows, people invariably stomp their feet, clap, whoop and holler a lot.  They just can’t seem to help it.  
While many people are impressed by his live, multi-instrumental performances, MJD is, first and foremost, a songwriter, spinning yarns of tragedy and murder, of love lost and hope found, and of the desperation born of hard times. 
Growing up in McCool, Mississippi exposed John to a unique blend of music and culture, which is reflected in his songs. From church, where his parents led the singing every time the doors were open, to the juke joints he would slip off to on the weekends, music was always his therapy, his escape. “I was actually forbidden from listening to blues, rock, and country by my family. That’s probably why I love them so much.” 

John embarked on his solo career in 2007, with the release of the self-titled: “Mississippi John Doude”.  After touring in support of it for a year, and honing his new skill as a one-man-band, John added bass player Ernesto Gomez to form the duo, “Voodoo Panther”.  Released in March 2009, the subsequently titled, “Voodoo Panther” is still receiving rave reviews.  MJD's third  release, “Unbroken" is a swampy blend of hard southern rock, deep roots blues, and Americana that confronts the social injustices of the American South.  2012 brought a detour into electro-trance directions, with the epic concept album, "Future Billy".  2015 heralded a compilation of Doude's most epic story songs with "7 Tales of Sorrow"  .  Scheduled for release in 2018, is "Yockanookany" - (swamp music for travelers) , which is an instrumental collaboration with Jonathan Hill.

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